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Seating Ideas for Your Veranda

Advice on the best seating for your veranda, from long lasting materials to the latest styles.

13 Aug 2017

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Exquisite Flooring for Your Veranda

Beautiful and practical ideas to transform your floor

30 Jul 2017

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The Beauty of Life Under a Glass Roof

What is a glass veranda, and why is it an ideal addition to your home?

18 Apr 2017

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Pizza ovens – the newest trend

Dig out that fine Italian wine that you have been saving and prepare the pepperoni. It’s time to try the latest trend that has been taking the UK by storm. Ditch the burgers and the (slightly) charred sausages – get ready to enjoy the culinary delights of the outdoor pizza oven. Last summer, the craze […]

11 Apr 2017

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Outdoor living helps reduce winter blues

The joy of Christmas has been and gone, but the days are still short and the nights are still long. What can you do to keep your spirits up?

15 Feb 2017

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Glass verandas all year round

Defy the British weather with our stylish, affordable range of glass verandas.

02 Feb 2017

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