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Careful, accurate and efficient 30 Apr 2017

Building the Perfect Glass Veranda

A simple guide to how we design and build your ideal outside space.

3 easy steps to perfection

At The Glass Veranda Company we offer a comprehensive service. Our first stage begins with a personalised design service. We then thoroughly check your property during an on-site survey. The installation is the final stage completed with care, method and efficiency. Many of our clients ask us about our process. Once we explain, they are impressed with our skill and attention to detail. Each stage is vital in guaranteeing a stunning veranda, built to last.

Bespoke Design

From your first phone call, our specialist designers will answer any questions you may have. We visit you at your home, so that we can offer you experienced, practical advice in a relaxed atmosphere and unrushed manner. We take everything into account including available space and position. Our designer will discuss your ideas, as well as heating, lighting and flooring options, and create a 3D visualisation for you. The Glass Veranda Company will install everything, so there is no need to worry about co-ordinating external contractors.

Technical Advice

The next important step is a detailed on-site survey. We inspect the property to turn the initial design into technical specifications. For example, our experienced team will check for any downpipes or vents that would cause an obstruction altering the initial design where necessary, either with custom brackets or create a bespoke section that would enclose the pipes. We also examine the floor (whether paving, decking or flagstone) which will support the veranda structure to ensure it is strong enough to carry the weight. If in question, our installers will reinforce the ground for you. Finally, all levels are checked with a laser to gain accurate measurements. This is essential if ever you decided to convert your veranda to a full glass room at a later stage.

Before committing to any construction, we will check the complete order with you: the dimensions, height, pitch, colour, and any heating and lighting options or shading solutions required. Once you are completely happy, we will order the veranda from Weinor, our award-winning manufacturer and arrange a convenient date for the installation.

Impeccable Construction

Typically, our verandas take 1-2 days to install, depending on the size and any floor support needed. With many years’ experience, our team works efficiently and precisely.

At The Glass Veranda Company, we are confident about the quality of our workmanship and every veranda comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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