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Efficient & effective 01 Apr 2017

Finishing touches for your glass veranda

Make the most of your veranda, day or night, with our suggestions to keep your outside-inside space warm, cosy and inviting.

Beautiful heating, lighting & shading ideas

To make your glass veranda an ideal living space all year round, look no further than our innovative range of finishing touches. We offer a great selection of heating, lighting and shading solutions to ensure that you are surrounded in comfort and warmth, no matter the weather.

All options are integrated seamlessly into the frame of your veranda and are finished with a powder coating in the colour of your choice to blend in harmoniously.


Enjoy your veranda well into the evening with a cleverly chosen and strategically positioned lighting scheme. At The Glass Veranda Company, we offer a range of under-roof beam lights that are built-in to the frame of the veranda. They are fully dimmable at the touch of a button to create the perfect mood whether you are having fun with friends and family, or relaxing on your own with a good book.

To create the atmosphere that you want, don’t just think about the lights under your glass roof. Your veranda is an integral part of your garden. By adding solar LED lights among your flowers or lining a pathway, you can create interest and liven up what would be a dark area in the evenings. As the sun sets, make a night-time focal point of an attractive arbour, tree or pond, something that will give you pleasure to look out on.


Our Tempura heating systems offer efficient and effective warmth as the temperature outside gets a little cooler. Ultra-slim and side mounted, they provide almost instantaneous heat, reaching full temperature within 1-2 seconds of being switched on.

They work using infrared radiant heat, warming the skin and not wasting energy heating the air in between. They are economical, costing only a fraction of the price per hour to run compared with free-standing heaters and convert 90-95% of electrical energy into heat. Swivel-mounted away from the ground, they are discreet and leave more floor space for you and your guests.

In colder weather, there is no reason to abandon your veranda or reach for that extra layer with these clever and efficient heating systems.


Sleek, robust and easy to use – installing an awning from The Glass Veranda Company will prove to be an ideal complement to your glass roof. With over 200 fabrics to choose from, you have the freedom to be bold, inject some colour and to create a flawless ambience for your evening soirees. You won’t regret it – they provide shade on sunny days, and retain heat when it gets cooler, always keeping an ambient temperature. We offer under-mounted awnings as well as a range which fits over the top of the glass. Find out more in our shading solutions section.

Side screens

For privacy and protection from side breezes, our selection of side screens offers a sturdy, yet attractive, addition to your veranda. They retract into a slimline aluminium cassette and can be mounted on walls, posts or any convenient permanent feature. The innovative fabric allows you to see out of it during the day, while giving you privacy from the outside. Match the colour to your awning or opt for a bright contrast – they come in the same 200 fabrics as our awning range.

Built and fitted to the highest standard, all our finishing touches can be operated by remote control, leaving you to enjoy the cosy and elegant atmosphere that you have created – and at the simple touch of a button.

At The Glass Veranda Company, we make “inside-living-outside” a part of your everyday life. With so many options to choose from, call one of expert design team on 0800 009 6251 or write to us.