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Enhancing Your Glass Veranda with Bespoke Awnings

Tailor-made awnings for glass verandas can enhance and alter the atmosphere of your outdoor space for a more personalised experience

One of the best things about a glass room or veranda is having a living space with natural light all year round; a cosy area that lets the sunlight in during summer and a shelter from which to gaze upon the changeable weather through the cooler months.

It’s the perfect space to experience outdoor living indoors, although sometimes you may want to control just how much light comes into your glass room. This is where awnings come into the scene. With so much light flooding into a glass room, the air can sometimes become uncomfortably warm. Awnings provide the ability to control the incoming light, providing shading and allowing you to control your glass room’s climate.

There are two main ways to install an awning; with a glass room or veranda. You can fit an awning above the roof of your glass room or you can have a glare protection awning mounted underneath the roof.


Roof-Mounted Awnings

Roof-mounted conservatory awnings, such as the one featured above, guard against overheating to ensure your environment remains pleasant and comfortable. They can be retrofitted to existing glass rooms, patios, conservatories or verandas and they are very resilient, having been designed to withstand all types of weather. They can be retracted or extended quietly and easily, by a customised carriage system and radio control operation.


Under-mounted Awnings

As the name suggests, under-mounted awnings are installed underneath your glass roof, offering an elegant, visual aesthetic while controlling the room’s ambient light. As with the roof-mounted awning, the shading can be extended and retracted using a radio control offering the same level of convenience. The real benefit is in their visual impact; with many different colours and patterns, an under-mounted awning becomes part of the interior design of the room. Under-mounted awnings also use a stylish, concealed cassette design to house the retracted fabric and include the option of integrated dimmable LEDs to provide harmonious lighting well into the evening.

Choosing the best option…

With over 200 fabric choices, deciding on an awning can seem like a daunting process. The best thing to do is to talk it over with a design consultant first to get an idea of the options available. Then you can arrange a free on-site consultation and visualisation with your consultant, going through all the details to come up with your perfect, customised design.

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