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Do you really want a conservatory?

Stop to admire your neighbourhood gardens and you may feel a compelling urge to Google conservatory quotes. But before you pick up the telephone, pause for a moment to read the truth.

it’s too hot to sit inside

Conservatories really have taken the UK by storm, whilst you would be hard pressed to find a street without one. But as Mrs Bell uses hers for a playroom, Mr Walker’s is a study and Ms Marriott’s, as far as you can tell, is only used by her cat, is a conservatory really what you are looking for?

The dream is not the reality

When your neighbours built their conservatories, they probably had visions of running in and out of the garden on a hot summer’s day, sipping wine, hosting garden parties and feeling connected to the outdoor scenery. What they didn’t realise, was that subconsciously, they just wanted another room to help declutter the house. And although some wicker furniture may sit proudly inside, it is normally surrounded by children’s toys, study books – or in the case of Ms Marriott – cat litter.

The second key mistake your neighbours made is not to realise that conservatories hinder garden access. Perhaps they really did want to use it for barbecue parties, but the reality is, the conservatory is just not practical. Firstly, one problem that every owner will mention is the summer heat: “it’s too hot to sit inside”; “we can’t eat food in there” and “the floor is roasting”. This is then immediately followed by spending thousands of pounds to make the conservatory a usable space with the installation of light-blocking internal blinds. Except in doing this, the connection to the outdoors has been lost, as your dinner guests stare at bricks and blinds. Combine this with unsightly glazing bars, and you really won’t feel like Maria Von Trapp on an Austrian hillside.

Consequently, because you don’t have confidence in sunshine – or conservatories – guests will eat indoors or your rusty old parasol will provide patio shade. To add insult to injury, you will then be required to spend more money, as adverse weather conditions cause UPVC doors and windows to expand, making irritating creaking sounds.

What then, you ask, is the solution?

A better choice…

At The Glass Room Company, we offer families luxury outdoor spaces that can be used the whole year round. What we don’t do is extend your home: what we do do is extend your garden!  If you want beautiful panoramic views of the outdoors but don’t want to be roasted in the heat, then our glass rooms will be ideal. You can gaze upon the trees and flowers (or play fighting children) in the comfort of a homely room thanks to our retractable side glazing elements and glass panels, transforming the room into an open air space. Guests can easily mingle between the extension and the lawn without bumping into each other via small conservatory doors, while the whole room is lighter and brighter.

Our retractable glass sides will quickly disperse heat with ease, while the modern, stylish and unique glass panels will be guaranteed to impress. Infa red heaters can also be installed, so as you can enjoy the advantages of your glass room all year round. On the other hand, if you require a shelter from the rain or sun whilst being in the garden, then a veranda is the best choice. This allows you to truly be outside whilst being sheltered from any unwanted shower storms. You don’t have to wait for summer with our smart designs!

Finally, for alfresco dining at any time of the year, our tailor-made awnings can be designed to suit your style, whilst our textile roofs can protect against the weather, offering contemporary heating and atmospheric lighting. Why settle for a roasting hot conservatory and fading UPVC, when you can dine under a product with style and substance?

The decision?

In sum, if you want an extension for your house – be it a play room, study, or indeed a disused room for the cat, then a conservatory is your best bet. If you want to experience outdoor living with the comforts of the inside, then choose The Glass Room Company. For a brighter, more accessible, and luxury experience, our expert team will find the right product for you.