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Easy Easter Crafts

As the easter bank holiday arrives, it’s time to celebrate with colourful creations.

delightful chocolatey adventure

As you invite your family round to celebrate Easter and put your feet up in your glass room, it’s a great opportunity to appreciate the simple things in life and feel lucky to be surrounded by friends and loved ones.

The most important event on the Christian calendar, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, three days after his death. A festival that has continued for over two thousand years, in multicultural Britain everyone can enjoy being thankful for new life, having some time to rest – and, of course, the gift of chocolate eggs!

So, to make the most of Easter time, here’s our top ten ideas for Easter festivities.


1. Easter Egg Hunt
For kids, Easter just isn’t Easter without this delightful, chocolatey adventure. Make an enticing trail by hiding a paper scroll tied with a ribbon at each location. Rhymes and short poems can provide clues as to where the next chocolate is hidden, and why not dig a little rabbit hole in your flower bed to bury the bunny’s prize treasure?

2. Salt Dough Eggs
These colourful surprises are a cute and simple way to transform your garden into a magical Easter space. Mould some 2D egg shapes and bake them in the oven with a hole in the top of each design. Once they are cooled, you can paint jazzy patterns onto the eggs and add a glaze coating, before hanging them in your garden with coloured ribbon.

3. Rabbit Jam Jars
Tulips needn’t be reserved for Amsterdam, as they are essential for this kooky garden creation. Paint your old jam jar and create a funny bunny face on the front. Add some brown string round the top for a rustic look and then plant two tulips inside. Voilà – rabbit ears!

4. Easter Wreath
In Chinese tradition pussy willows are a sign of growth, whilst some Eastern European peoples carry pussy willows on Palm Sunday instead of palm branches. This plant is great for creating an Easter wreath, which you can decorate with daffodils, miniature eggs, ribbons – or anything else that will glue on.

5. Resurrection Garden
This is a great way to symbolise the meaning of Easter and teach children about Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Take a small, wide flower pot and fill it with soil, placing a smaller flower pot in the middle on its side. Plant some green shrubs around it and with some tiny pebbles create a little pathway to the flower pot, symbolising the cave where Jesus was laid to rest. Next, place a larger pebble on its side near the small flower pot; this is the entrance stone Jesus rolled away when he came back to life!


1. Bunting
You can never have enough bunting to string around your glass room or veranda – and why stop at Easter? It’s time to feel creative and cut out some colourful card shapes to attach to string; you could do chicks, rabbits, eggs or the Holy Cross. If you are a dab hand at sewing you could even begin a project with your children, so as you are ready in time to decorate the room on Easter Sunday.

2. Hatching Chicks
Who knew an empty egg box could be so much fun? It’s time to go back to the days of preschool art as you cut out each individual egg hole from the box’s bottom and lid. You now have a bottom and top for six cardboard ‘eggs’. Once you have outdone yourself by painting cool designs onto your ‘eggs’, place a yellow pom pom on top of each egg bottom and place the egg tops onto the pom poms like hats. Add googly eyes and an orange, card beak onto the fluffy yellow balls and you now have hatching egg table decorations.

3. Bunny Bum Cookies
These naughty treats are guaranteed to get guests chuckling in delight. When you make your cookie dough, for every large biscuit (the rabbit bottom) make two smaller oval shaped cookies (the rabbit feet). After baking spread pink icing over the rabbit bottom and place the feet on top. Next, ice the rabbit feet and create some paw prints with spherical candy sprinkles. For the final touch, add a white marshmallow to the middle, creating a fluffy white tail!

4. Messy Painting
Sometimes the best laid plans can fall foul of the British weather. But if the youngsters are whinging, not to fear. This is where a cupboard of paint and some spuds come in handy. Halve the potatoes and carve Easter egg patterns into them, allowing your children to paint onto these and make some colourful potato prints.

5. Rabbit Envelopes
If you are able to post invites to your nearest and dearest by hand, why not invite people round for Bunny Bum Cookies with your very own Easter Bunny Delivery Service? With some white and pink card make two bunny ears to stick on the top of each envelope and place a pink pom pom in the middle. Glue some brown bunny whiskers under his pink nose, draw on two eyes, and stick on some white, card teeth at the bottom of the envelope so as they hang over the edge. What’s up, dock?

Happy Easter from all of us at The Glass Room Company, and in the spirit of cheesy cards, have an eggcellent day!