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lounge in style 13 Aug 2017

Seating Ideas for Your Veranda

Advice on the best seating for your veranda, from long lasting materials to the latest styles.

a comfortable outside space

Plan your veranda seating with care, and you will enjoy outside life all year round. Have a realistic idea of how you will use your new undercover area. Well-chosen seating will give you a comfortable, personal outside space that works with you. Do you enjoy throwing parties for friends, or prefer a quieter life? Whether you want to use your new area for dining, lounging (or both), there are so many furniture styles and materials available.

No matter the shape and size of veranda, it’s a good idea to think of it as a multi-functional space. You may have enough room to define separate dining and lounge areas. However, if your glass roof is smaller, then consider furniture that is light and that can be folded away. Informal bench style seating at a dining table can be tucked underneath when not in use. The table can be moved to one side and function as a side table. Cushioned foot stools with a lift up lid will double up as a clever storage solution.

Quality materials

Remember that your veranda is not fully enclosed, so it is worthwhile choosing robust materials for your seating. Research your pieces carefully and they will last for years. Customer comments are helpful, but be careful of glowing 5-star reviews from someone who has just purchased their furniture. You want to know how good they are in a year, not when they are a week old.

If you are looking for natural wood, go for teak and find chairs and tables made from sustainable sources. Be prepared to invest in grade A teak. This is rich in natural oils and will protect the furniture from warping. High quality teak furniture will last many years, but cheaper grades will not.

Metal furniture requires a little more attention. Most metals can rust so most furniture sold today is coated with a protective layer. To ensure a long life, regular cleaning and protecting is needed – more so if you live by the sea. Salt in the air can quickly corrode the metal. While beautiful, if you are not able to give this type of furniture the attention it needs, it is better to look for an alternative.

Synthetic options

There are many new hard-wearing synthetic materials available today. They are manufactured to withstand rotting and fading, as well as being easy to maintain. For example, choosing resin wicker or synthetic rattan furniture will give you a natural look and are practical for outdoor use. Trespa® is an attractive high pressure compact laminate. Tough and weather resistant, it is available in a wide range of colours and makes an ideal surface for a dining table. Texilene is a lighter weight fabric which makes the furniture easier to move around. A thin, strong and long lasting mesh structure, it helps the air circulate to keep you cool on hot summer days.

Contemporary or traditional?

Now for the style. What will suit your veranda and garden and reflect your personality?  Curvaceous, large comfy chairs or linear, compact seats? You don’t have to stop at a traditional sofa set. Day beds and freestanding hammocks create an informal, inviting atmosphere while loungers or a chaise longue will add a touch of elegance.

Why not bring your garden into your veranda? Build small raised beds for herbs and fragrant plants with seating in between and add some colourful, deep foam, “quick-dry” cushions. A perfect way to sit among nature – and an ideal way to have a constant supply of herbs for those refreshing summer cocktails.

For a bohemian (and space saving) look, choose a bold outdoor rug and scatter large throw pillows on the floor. These can easily be stored away when not needed.

With beautiful and stylish furniture under your glass roof, you will make your garden the most exclusive place to be.

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