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Laminated vs Toughened Glass

To laminate or not to laminate? That is the question, and here at The Glass Room Company we know the answer. Laminated glass is preferred by professionals across the board and it’s easy to see why.

laminated roofs ensure you can relax

Choosing the right safety glass for your roof can at first seem a difficult decision, but our experts have carefully researched the pros and cons of laminated and toughened glass to make sure your stylish new room is of the highest standard. In sum, it’s all about safety, economy and design, making laminated glass the right choice for your family. However, if you are unsure of the different types on offer, let’s take a walk down the high-street and familiarise ourselves.

Toughened glass is used to provide extra protection in public places, such as telephone boxes and bus stops. It is four or five times stronger than ordinary glass, which means it will not smash as easily, and if it does get broken it will disintegrate into thousands of small pieces with dulled edges. But while this is no doubt safer than ordinary glass – as well as cheap – it doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for you.

Laminated glass, our preferred choice, is noted for its sandwich structure. Two sheets are used with a tough plastic interlayer called PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). With a thickness of 10.8mm, if hit hard the pieces of broken glass will remain stuck to the interlayer, preventing any splinters from flying off and injuring family and friends in the room below.

Another benefit is that damage to expensive furniture will be avoided. While glass rooms are not considered as being interior, we know you may choose to admire your beautiful garden from the comfort of a soft armchair. Lamination means that your furnishings will be spared from rain or flying shards of glass and it will not leave a hole in the roof for burglars to seize an opportunity.

Indeed, unlike laminated glass, toughened glass is known to fail. It may appear fine when installed, but movement in the structure or stress concentrations such as edge damage (caused during the fitting) can all act as a trigger.

Still not convinced? Then let us think of some of the most beautiful glass buildings in history: The Louvre, Eden Project and The Shard. These stunning creations gained worldwide acclaim because the designers were not hampered by constraints – and this is another issue with toughened glass. Legally, we can only install a tempered roof at a maximum height of 3m above head, meaning your dream design could be quashed due to pitch requirements.

Thankfully, laminated glass ensures that we can produce the unique extension your family desire. You may be able to receive a cheaper quote elsewhere, but this usually means the type of glass is unspecified and will be revealed as tempered later on in the process. Companies working with this 8mm material build a limited range of support profiles, minimising creativity. Furthermore, their designs would be unable to take the weight of laminated glass, putting the safety of your home at risk.

So, when it comes to choosing the right safety glass, there really is only one answer. Our laminated roofs ensure you can relax in your very own bespoke room, knowing your family and assets are protected and our design is the masterpiece you truly envisioned.